What are the benefits of organic food

Now a days we are mostly listening about the organic food. Most of the people don’t know what is organic food and how it is important to health. But everyone want to know about it. From past 3-4 years the demand of it was increased rapidly.

In this post I am going to explain about

What is organic food?

How organic food is important to the health?

Where you can get it?

In olden days the people are strong and lived for long period due to the health food, you can see in your home are outside our grandmother and grandfather are strong and health in their 70’s also .and coming to now days people are becoming old in 50’s and there are not been able to walk in 60’s the reason behind it was taking the unhealthy food.

“The organic food is nothing but health food.” Good food leads to Good health.

What is organic food?

Organic is the process of framing without any chemicals , pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. The organic food is fresh because there is no use of chemicals to keep it for long time. The organic food production is completely natural without any artificial techniques.

Many scientists have proven that organic food is healthy than non-organic food.

There have prove with many experiments and lot of research on them in latest research by the USDA on the organic milk there proven that organic milk as more nutrients then the non-organic milk.

How Organic food is important to the health?

Most of the people believe that organic is healthy than non-organic food. yes it correct. It has many advantages to health it is a anti-disease factor.

1.     Improve antioxidant capacity the organic food has more nutrients with helps in increasing the antioxidant capacity The good news is that numerous studies show that a organic food with the right balance of antioxidants and free radicals is the hallmark for good health. So, we should all embrace our inner crime fighter and choose foods that maximize our antioxidant intake.

2.     Reduce the unnecessary fat in the body which helps to reduce the heart attack

3.     Better taste most people think that organic food is taste better than non-organic  food because it is produced with the natural methods.

4.     As organic food is prepared completely made natural so it is environmental safety which as non-harmful ingredients safe for health.

5.     It reduces the blood pressure

6.     Health skin

Where you can get it..?

You can get organic food directly from farmers

You can also get it in supermarkets with a organic log on it.

Are you can take it from local markets

The cost of organic food: The organic products are more expensive than  the other products because it is made with completely natural way. The demand of it was high but the supply was less this is main reason for  more coast.

The foods covered under organic are:

Fruits & Vegetables

Nuts and seeds


Meats and poultry

Dairy products and eggs

How the meat and poultry are organic:

The livestock are feed with agricultural products and pasture that are produced organically and handled.

There were given nutrition foods which is made in organic way.

Use of good hormones to protect growth

Sufficient nutritional feed rations

Without any chemicals. there are good for health

Follow the organic food with little diet and maintain the good health.



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What are the benefits of organic food
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