Seo on page techniques in 2017


Hi Seo’s,

Confused about Seo on page optimization:

Here I am going to explain the importance of on-page and tips to make it 100% optimized to rank keywords in top position and bring traffic to the site. And different seo on page techniques in 2017.

On page optimization is one major part of the seo optimization, after the latest update penguin 4.0 officially announced by the Google on Sep 2016 on page became more important to rank keywords in top position and to bring the organic traffic to the site. Google mostly trust the site which provides the unique content which is valuable to the users to gain the Google trust factor on-page is most important.

Follow these steps to make seo on page  optimization:

1.Page speed:

Page speed is the one of the important factor in seo, because if the page loading speed is slow then visitors lost their interest and there never return back to your site

The good page loading speed should be “0.55 sec”


  • Check your page loading speed
  • size of your page
  • no of files request is acceptable (good=15 files)


The section of urls is the one of the major part in seo the urls should be seo friendly and easy to optimize because through your urls only the Google will came to know your site.


  • Url should be seo friendly
  • Exact keyword found in your url
  • No underscores in url

Good url is

“Java jobs” is my keyword

Bad url=

3.Title tag:

Title tag is the part of meta tags which tells the search engines and people what is your page is about make a good title tag makes yours rank in good position


  • Title tag should contain exact keyword
  • Title tag should begin with keyword
  • Title should be 70 character are less

“Good title is = java jobs-java job”

4.Description tag:

Description tag provides concise explanations of the contents of web pages. This short paragraph is the webmastersopportunitiesto gain the visitors to the site by telling what the site is about. Making a proper description and provided the valuable information can get more traffic to site. Although it is not a Google rank factor but helps the search engines to know about your site.


  • Description tag should me 160 characters are less
  • Description tag should contain exact keyword

5.Image analysis:

100 words content can be tell in a single image,images make visitors more interest in the topic and attractive. But Google can’t read the images so provide a proper alt tag.

Alt tag is a alternative tag displays back of the images so the search engine can crawl easy.


  • All images should contain alt tag
  • Add your exact keyword to an alt tag
  • Add exact keyword to an image file
  • No underscores found in image file names

6.Heading tags:

Heading tags are important lines in your page, h1 to h6 tags are used to define the heading of the page.h1 is the most important heading and h6 is the least important heading.using the heading tags makes your page properly arranged and tells the visitors what your page is about.


  • Add h1,h2 and h3 tags to the page
  • Add exact keyword to h1,h2,h3.
  • Avoid duplicate heading tags

7.content analysis:

Content is king in seo techniques. Content should be unique and valuable to the users making a proper presentation of the content will helps you lot in ranking and traffic to your site.


  • You should have 2000+ words in each page
  • Only use exact keywords 2-4 times
  • Add your exact keyword to first 100 words
  • Link page to sitemap.html

(sitemap.html is internal linking form one page to another page like form your home page to products page which makes users to easily navigate in the site)

8.Social analysis:

Social media is one of the major factors to improve your brand and reach more people it helps to find high quality right audiences to the site. Produce good quality content and share it though   social media and see how the people interact to you. Social analysis includes page share domain shares.


  • Include social media buttons like twitter button, face book button, Google+, and linden etc..

9.Mobile analysis:

Now a day’s mobiles became regular part in our life, for every 5 people 3 are using the smart phone to make any search in internet in the world. Making a mobile optimized site helps to bring more traffic to the site.


  • Add mobile sitemap
  • Server should use compression (e.g. gzip)
  • Add a viewport Meta tag


10.Page link analysis:

Page link analysis is one of the important factors in seo. Make a proper page analysis through it you can know the authority of the page.

  • How many links are points to this page, what is the quality of the links?
  • How many unique domains to this page
  • How many do follow links and on follow links to the site
  • How many external links are going from this page?


Following this Seo on page tips will improve your search ranking and traffic to your site.







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Seo on page techniques in 2017
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  • May 27, 2017 at 9:57 am

    On Page techniques well explained. Thanks. Ashwin


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